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This is an incredibly intimate experience for you and your partner. I'm fiercely dedicated to being honest and transparent about how I care for each of my clients. There will be a few steps that will be unique to you both, but this is the baseline of what you can expect while working with me!

I created this seamless experience as a bit of a love letter to my couples, because choosing me as your photographer should be one of the easiest decisions you'll make!

1. you're ready to book! 

Great! I absolutely cannot wait to get started! Please fill out and submit the contact form. Share with me your wedding date, perfect venue, and your vision! There's no such thing as over-sharing! I love reading every little detail!

Once I receive your inquiry, I'll review it and send booking details to you right away!

2. coffee and a new friend! 

It's natural for a friendship to blossom over a cup of coffee! We'll meet and discuss some details, timeline possibilities, and brainstorm the perfect location for your Engagement Session. If you're not local, or if you just prefer, I'm happy to meet over the phone! I understand schedules are

busy for couples!!


I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, that I can't wait to share with you, to help you prepare for your session like a pro!

3. staying close for comfort..

We'll communicate often, to ensure we stay on the same page in the months leading up to your walk down the aisle. This is a huge day and it's nice to know that a wedding industry professional in your corner! I invite

you to email me anytime you'd like!


I'll send you a digital *hug*! I get it! Even if it's only to help you decide between engagement session dresses.

Don't hesitate - send that email! I'm here for ya!

4. your engagement session

This session is a wonderful opportunity to get comfortable in front of my lens and learn my shooting style before your wedding day! We'll meet a couple of hours before sunset at a location of your choice and allow all those joyful smiles and sweet moments to unfold! You'll receive a sneak-peek within seven days, and the full gallery in 4-6 weeks.


Worried about what to wear? I've got you! After you book you'll receive my coveted Engagement Session Style Guide! It's jam-packed with every step of planning for this session so you can really feel you're prepping like a pro!

5. your custom wedding day timeline

Included in your luxury experience, is a custom timeline of your wedding day! Once you have an idea of your ceremony time, we can construct the perfect cadence of the rest of the day. Don't know your ceremony time? I can help with that! I'll partner with your planner before the final draft, to ensure nothing conflicts with their plan! 


As an expert of natural-light, I supply a timeline to ensure that your dream images have the most perfect lighting throughout your day. Having them scheduled assures you won't feel rushed. You'll appear natural & relaxed in your images!

6. Your Wedding Day!

I'll arrive with gear and timeline in hand, ready to get to work! I'm a total hype-woman so you can count on me to keep the energy alive - and keep everyone focused during portraits. I'll keep all the moving pieces in place so you can focus on what's most important - enjoying your day!!


I always work with an assistant or second photographer to ensure I have little distraction from all the intricate details that will unfold. They keep me hydrated and on schedule. That's so helpful to all involved!

at ease event planning downtown white iron ridge 28 event space historic post office kansa

7. wedding gallery delivery

After the confetti has been thrown & your dress is hung I get right to work on your gallery! Every image I deliver will be hand-edited with care. You'll be able to download your images, share them on social media, and order prints directly from your gallery. Share your gallery with friends and family to allow them to order prints of their favorites, too!


You'll receive a sneak-peek of your wedding images within seven days, and your full gallery will arrive in 6-8 weeks. Enjoy 800+ images, to have and hold forever!

frequently asked questions


are we a perfect fit?

I hope so! You're here for a reason, I believe that. If you're here, you're already my dream client! 

is it easy to book?

It is! I've created a super streamlined booking process for my couples. Once we connect, and you feel like I'm the "one", all you'll need to do is sign your contract and pay your retainer. From there, our journey really begins! 

Also, as soon as you are officially booked - I'll send you my hand-crafted Engagement Session Style Guide! It's lovely and oh so helpful for all of my couples!

how far in advance should i book?

I think the right time to book your perfect photographer is the moment you know they are the "one" that will honor your love story in a way that matches your heart. Most couples tend to book their wedding photographer 9-12 months before their date. Don't panic if you have less time than that, though! I always feel like if you can connect with a vendor, you should book them and check it off your list!

do you travel?

Definitely! If you would like me to document your wedding outside of Kansas City, Missouri make sure to mention that in your inquiry and we can talk logistics right away!

are you involved in the planning process?

While I'm not a pro at planning a wedding, I've definitely been around my fair share of them and have collected lots of information about what has and hasn't worked well for my previous couples. There are no off-limits questions! Especially if you're asking about vendor recommendations! I've got lots of those!

As a forewarning, I can only answer from the perspective of what I know will show up the absolute best in your images - but the final say is completely up to you!!

what "style" is your photography?

Fresh, vibrant, and daylight-balanced. Your dream gallery will be full of perfectly-lit, crisp portraits, with a timeless feel and an editorial flair!  

what is your turnaround time for images?

For weddings, my typical turnaround time is six to eight weeks. For all other portrait sessions the timeframe is four to six weeks. All weddings and sessions receive a robust sneak-peek within seven days of the session.

how many images will i receive in my gallery?

My motto is always "Unless you sneeze or trip, you're going to get all of the images I shoot"! I'm not in the business of keeping images hostage. I want you to have as many images as possible! On average, I produce 80+ final images per hour of shooting. Most of my couples receive 1,200+ final images.

do you deliver any black and white images?

Oh yes! I like to surprise my couples with spontaneous black and white images sprinkled throughout their gallery. Some moments just deserve to be preserved that way!

what should we wear to our engagement session?

I've got you covered on this one! As soon as you are officially booked I'll send you my hand-crafted Engagement Session Style Guide so you can begin prepping like a true pro!! 

posing for professional images can feel awkward, will you help us?

Absolutely!! I'm a true hype-woman and I've master a posing process that feels relaxed, genuine, and fun! Sure, we'll throw in some of the more traditional poses but they'll be infused with plenty candid, high-energy, moments!

can we post our images on social media?

Of course! On instagram you can find me at @coppertreephoto and on Facebook search Copper Tree Wedding Photography. I want to follow you back!! Just before your wedding I'll send you a questionnaire that asks your socials!


let's get you booked!


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